COVID-19: Domestic violence in pregnancy

Domestic Violence in Pregnancy -What we know!

Domestic violence during pregnancy can have fatal or long term consequences for both mother and baby. In England and Wales, 1:4 women has experienced at least one incident of this type of domestic violence since the age of 16; approximately 1:3 occurs in pregnancy and 1 million women a year experience at least one incident of domestic violence and two women a week are killed by their current or former partner.

Consequences of domestic violence in pregnancy!

Domestic violence by a partner or ex-partner can directly affect the growing fetus, through physical or sexual trauma, or indirectly due to increased maternal stress, inadequate nutrition and poor prenatal care (Donovan et al,2015).

Domestic violence already brings up a range of emotions for you, including feeling anxious or stressed. Add pregnancy to this can the effects can be long term for you and your baby. Research has identified that domestic violence doubled the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight. This risk was increased further for women who experienced two or more types of domestic violence during their pregnancy.

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