Sarah. M

I found hypnobirthing useful. It definitely helped focus and remain calm in the early stages

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Newborn Baby with Mom

Samantha. A

I suffered with a lot of anxieties during my pregnancy as i had previously lost a baby at 16 weeks. My boyfriend actually booked us onto the course as he had seen something about it in the newspaper. My baby Jake is now 6 weeks old and i cannot recommend hypnobirthing enough. It helped me to to remain calm and trust my body to birth my baby boy. 

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An African American mother cradles her n

Jessica. L

Hypnobirthing was totally worth it. Both Kevin and i practised a lot of birth affirmation and our up/down breathing. I think having Kevin on board helped a lot! 


At 2 weeks old we discovered that Lilly-May had a tongue tie which affected breastfeeding and my milk supply but with the help of Janet we were able to feed her more effectively whilst waiting for an appointment at the hospital. Janet practised some relaxation breathing with me and supported me with the feeds. I found that in dim lighting and with Lilly-May skin to skin in an upright position helped! A tip given to me by Janet. I cannot recommend the duchess birthing club enough.

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Young Dad

Beth. F

I used hypnobirthing with my first and it ended up with an amazing waterbirth. However in my second pregnancy i had a more challenging twin pregnancy which required an emergency delivery. I used hypnobirthing again, mainly the breathing techniques to remain calm and reduces my anxiety,

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Image by Alex Hockett